• Barbados Poetry – A Bajan Speaks

    A Bajan Speaks. Michael McClean, AKA Mikey Levi, sings a H. Hargreaves poem in Reggae style. A talented shining star in the making. Michael is our gardener for Paradise Rentals. Not only do we have fantastic property rentals but great staff too. Paradise Rentals – the full package.

    A Bajan Speaks

    Welcome to my home, my island, my paradise
    and share the sunshine, the flowers and the rain
    Walk with me along our glorious beaches
    and your heart will say come again, come again.

    Listen with me to the surf upon the shore
    whispering stories of far distant lands
    and see the flash of green at sunset
    that tells you, you are safely in his hands.

    Smell the myriad tiny blossoms of the frangipani tree
    and hear the birds greet you as you go
    feel the soft warm breeze surround you that makes the red blossoms wave a glad hello.

    There is fruit in all abundance piled high upon our carts
    and peace beyond understanding for the world weary heart
    Join us in our worship, sing a joyous song
    clasp our hands together and my world can not go wrong.

    And when you leave, if leave you must, take with you my prayer
    that your travels may be peaceful and free from worldly care,
    and that one day you will come again to greet me as a friend
    then my island will embrace you and hold you till the end.