• Monkey Business – The Barbados Green Monkey

    kissing monkeysBarbados green monkeys can be seen throughout the island. Playful and mischievous, they are fantastic fun to watch.  Their expressions and antics are truly captivating. Continue Reading

  • Barbadians Praise the Lord on the Beach

    There’s many ways to praise the Lord but Barbadians sure do it best! Happily rejoicing on the beach; singing and dancing to the song ‘I Feel Like Running’. You really could feel their connection, their bond, their love. I imagined He, kicking back in his hammock watching from the blue-sky heavens above, a toe tapping and a swinging along with a contented smile on his face, loving the loyal support from his dedicated Bajan family. Continue Reading

  • My Barbados Holiday – A Great Day Out

    Barbados tours and holiday activitiesLooking for something different to do on your Barbados holiday?  If you want to meet the locals and share the delight of an adventure on an old time, local bus, then a Barbados Heritage Tour is not to be missed. What an experience, nothing was what I expected and full of pleasant surprises. The passengers joining me were all local but wanted to enjoy the heritage journey and visit long lost places they hadn’t seen in a while, funny because it’s such a small island, but then some locals in Barbados don’t travel far. Continue Reading

  • A Recipe for Tennis Players

    Recipe for Tennis Players - Barbados Tennis HolidaysNow here’s a recipe for tennis players that even Andy Murray might not know about – well he might now if he reads this !  It’s a secret weapon for avid tennis players (and cake lovers!).  A “Tennis Cake”, originally baked in the 1890’s, a favourite of Queen Victoria, this cake is very well “received” by our Sunday morning tennis group and “serves” as a great incentive to finish the match and get back to the feast.  Come and enjoy a tennis holiday in Barbados – cake is optional but recommended !  It gives you loads of energy for those long 5 set matches, before you relax on the beach. Continue Reading

  • Tarmac Melts During UK Heatwave – Barbados Holidays

    Beaches in BarbadosTarmac Melts During UK Heatwave.

    “Police closed part of the M25 after a road surface melted during the heat wave on Sunday……” Continue Reading

  • Britain’s Got Talent!! Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon 2013!!


    Well I never! Guess I’ll have to eat my hat now! One week ago today, Sunday July 7th 2013, was an historical day to remember for British tennis. 77 LONG years but the wait was finally over. Britain at last has a men’s singles champion, the one and only Andy Murray beat the world’s number one Novak Djokovic in straight sets. High fives, hugs, cheers and woop-woops! Continue Reading