Useful Information And Barbados Arrival Procedures

Posted on September 1, 2013
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Barbados Arrival Procedures

You will be required to complete an immigration card and customs declaration. Therefore, you may wish to keep your passport and flight details to hand during your flight, together with a note of your accommodation address, which is shown on your booking form.

Luggage porters are available to help you transport your bags and cases from baggage reclaim to the taxi rank outside.  They will expect around BDS$2 per bag so make sure you have some small denomination notes or coins with you if you wish to make use of their services.

Before passing through customs you may wish to visit the Duty Free shop, the bank or the Barbados Tourism Authority desk as these are all located within the arrivals hall. (The Tourism Authority will usually allow you to use their phone if you need to make a free call anywhere within Barbados).

Please make sure that we are informed well in advance of your flight details and how you plan to make your way to your accommodation.  We can arrange airport services for you; VIP arrival, a driver to meet you, car hire.  Please note that hiring a private driver will cost slightly more than getting a taxi from the airport.  The benefits are that the driver is waiting specifically for you and knows exactly where you are going.  We use a regular team of drivers who are familiar with all of the properties.

If you intend to make your own way to your property please make sure that you call us as you leave the airport and that you come straight to the property (unless other arrangements have been made).

At the end of your stay, the check out time is 12 noon.  Please let us know what time you plan to leave the property so that we can relieve you of the keys and lock up etc.

We are on call 24/7.  Please call us if you need help or advice or take advantage of our concierge service.  All property related questions, should be directed to the house manager.

All linen, hand, bath and beach towels are provided.  Water is safe to drink from the tap.

All local landline calls are free.  You can receive all incoming calls via a landline.

We would kindly ask you if you would please:

  • Respect the property and its contents and let us know of any breakages or damages.
  • Let us know if you intend to invite guests to the property, approval is required.
  • Take care of your keys, charges apply should the keys be lost.

Karen Whittaker (Company Director, Reservations and Finance): 1 (246) 2624505
Kerr Weekes (Transport, Airport Driver): (246) 831 9120


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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