• Watermelon Gazpacho

    watermelon gazpacho served in white bowls on a tropical leaf

    Watermelon gazpacho is perfect for Barbados when the temperature is hot, hot, hot!  You can make this delicious cold soup using lots of lovely locally sourced vegetables.  Head to the Holders Farmers Market on a Sunday morning and you’ll be able to pick up up lots of organic produce.

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  • Hire a Private Chef on Your Villa Holiday

    A private chef can make your villa holiday complete!  Along with some of the best and most luxury holiday accommodations in Barbados, Paradise Rentals can also recommend a private chef for guests and visitors to hire. Enjoy a wonderful meal in your Caribbean holiday home cooked and served by your very own chef. Services can be provided for special events or for every meal of the day – the choice is up to you!  Specialist diets can be catered for (wheat free, dairy free, low sugar/salt, nut free etc).  Choose from local or international cuisine, or a mixture of both.

    Hire a Private Chef on Your Villa Holiday

    Private Chef Example Menus
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