Exclusive Villa Holidays in Barbados – Barbados Nature

Posted on November 9, 2012
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Barbados offers a real treasure trove of nature and wildlife, all for you to discover and enjoy whilst staying at one of our family holiday villas in Barbados.  Paradise Rentals can arrange island tours and tour guides if you want a local expert to show you around, or you can just head off on your own and explore our island.  It’s really very easy to venture out in Barbados and quite safe.

Barbados has an eclectic mix of cultures and this transcends to the animal kingdom.  Some of the animals you will find are indigenous, some endemic and others imported.  You might like to visit the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Welchman Hall Gully, The Flower Forest, and Andromeda Gardens; to name just a few places of interest.  The range of animals is extensive, land based creatures such as monkeys, sheep, cattle, mongoose.  There are many types of birds from back yard chickens to the elegant humming bird and our marine life is varied and prolific – everyone loves to see the turtles.  Whilst you are staying in one of our family holiday villas in Barbados, why not take the opportunity to go out to sea and swim with these amazing creatures.  It is an experience never to be forgotten and often repeated !

There are many amazing plants and gardens to see and visit.  In Barbados we are very lucky to have so many trees and most of them have something delicious to eat growing on them.  Depending on the season you can pick juicy, ripe mangos and mouth watering papaya straight from the trees.  Many of our holiday villas have fruit trees in the garden.  As well as the more common fruits that you would recognise such as oranges, limes, coconuts and bananas, there are also fruits you may not have tried and might like to experience, for instance soursop, sugar apples, akee and guava.  If you have any questions about how to prepare or use any of the fruits or vegetables you come across we are more than happy to help and offer advice.  We even offer cookery workshops where you can learn how to cook and prepare traditional Bajan fare.

We have such botanical beauty here in Barbados; amazing displays of flora and fauna in every colour, shade and size.  ‘Pride of Barbados” is the National flower and you can see it almost everywhere, showing off its colours of orange, yellow and peach.  It is a vibrant showy plant, easy to grow and very rewarding, flowering all of the time.  A walk through the Flower Forest or a trip to Orchid World would satisfy the most ardent garden enthusiast; it’s a great day out for all of the family.  At night time as you walk around or relax under the stars you will very likely catch the unmistakable heavy scent of ‘the lady of the night’ plant.  Within seconds after sundown, the aroma from the ‘lady of the night’ bursts forth. There is absolutely no hint of aroma in daylight hours. The intoxicating scent goes all night long then stops exactly at sunrise.  Just another little bit of magic to enjoy when you stay in one of our family holiday villas in Barbados – the natural choice from Paradise Rentals villa lettings.