Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barbados safe?

Yes, and also very child friendly. Whilst regular common sense must prevail regarding safety and care of possessions, violent crime is very rare in Barbados.

What activities are available?

CLICK HERE to view things to do and see whilst on holiday in Barbados.

Car hire

We can provide quotes for fully insured car hire on application, drive on LHS. Driving licence required. Read More…

Currency accepted

Bds$, US$ – closely linked. Some shops take other currencies. ATMs and banks island wide. Credit cards accepted in most major shops and restaurants.

Are beaches safe?

Yes very. No private beaches. Caribbean sea is generally calm and suited to watersports. The Atlantic Ocean has big waves, breakers, and popular with surfers.

General safety

There are no very dangerous insects or creatures (no snakes, spiders or sharks !) the sea is safe to swim (in unusually bad weather the usual red flag system operates). The climate is tropical so mosquitoes are a possibility and some people are more attractive to them than others ! Repellents are widely available from local shops.

Special foods and dietary intolerances

Most foods are available in Barbados. Paradise Rentals can provide information on a wide variety of specialist food suppliers and procure as required.

Medical care

Sandy Crest Medical Centre, Barbados – Read More…

Do I need injections?

No you don’t need any special vaccinations to come to Barbados.

Can I drink the water?

Yes, straight from the tap.

Extra housekeeping staff, child care or cook

All are available at a daily rate. Enquire for prices – CONTACT US

Time zone in Barbados

Eastern Caribbean (4 hours behind GMT summertime)

Contact Paradise Rentals

Contact details are given on the booking form, property address, contact phone number. Read More…

Useful information

We supply a brochure in each property with contact numbers, emergency numbers and a host of other useful information, along with tourist literature and books.

General Travel Tips

Arrival Procedures

Before Travellng

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