Paradise at Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados

Posted on January 19, 2017
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There are many beautiful gardens in Barbados but Huntes Gardens really is something special.  Located in the lush hills of St Joseph, just 20-30 minutes drive from Holetown.  On a gentle stroll around this enchanting garden, all five senses are indulged: touch, sound, smell, sight and taste!

When you enter the garden, stand still for a moment.  Close your eyes momentarily and experience everything that surrounds you.  Feel the Caribbean warmth.  Maybe a gentle breeze is blowing softly against your skin.  Bird song calls to your ear like a gentle bell among the classical music that wafts magically though the garden. Breathe in deeply through your nose whilst catching the merest scent of tropical blooms in the air.  Now, pause a moment; and then open your eyes and absorb the botanical crescendo that’s being played out by nature’s sublime orchestra.  The scent, the sounds, the feel; the beauty is right there for you to explore, the rich and colourful tapestry that is a ‘garden’.

These fabulous gardens in Barbados, have been created by the horticulturalist Anthony Hunte, whose ancestors arrived on the island in the 1600s in service.  Anthony spent two years turning the large natural sink hole into the beautiful garden we see today, and he opened it to the public back in 1997.

Make sure you take your camera. Birds and butterflies love this garden and there are plenty of photo opportunities. Plants cascade down the sides of the gulley where you’ll find coral stone walls creating pathways to wander along, in what feels like a rain forest. You can find places to take a seat and rest awhile, looking down into the vast bowl. You can meander through the garden, finding your way along pathways, never quite knowing what delights you’ll discover. The garden is mainly shady, so the temperature is ambient. There are some lovely statues and garden ornaments that surprise and enchant with their placement. Most times you will hear the strains of classical music being played through carefully placed speakers, which all adds to the air of enchantment. Young and old alike are sure to be delighted with a visit to Hunte’s Gardens; it’s a horticulturist’s dream. There’s a great variety of tropical, lush plants; palms, succulents, lilies and orchids and much more. In addition is the opportunity to quiz the master (Anthony) about their origins and cultivation – just in case you fancy trying to grow your own specimens back home – hot houses are most likely required, the gardens in Barbados are probably quite a bit warmer than the ones most people leave behind when they come on holiday!

As you walk back up to the top of the garden, you have a chance to look around Anthony’s nursery and the old buildings he has turned into his home. Anthony is Bajan born, and carries an air of mischief about him; dare we say eccentricity?? He will love to entertain you with his stories.  Don’t expect to leave too soon!  Certainly, not without sampling the rum punch (thereby completing the set, indulging the fifth sense of taste!) – the more you drink, the better the stories get!  Make sure you find time for this splendid garden when planning your holiday itinerary.

Hunte’s Garden and Nursery
Castle Grant
St. Joseph
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Open Daily
Admission is $30 BBD per person (correct at time of writing)
Refreshing drinks, fresh juice and rum punch are available
For more details call + (246) 433-3333