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Posted on July 16, 2018
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Sadè Payne is a young, up and coming, talented, local Barbadian artist. Her art expresses a pureness of form that she says comes from within. She has an autonomy of expression using both light and dark to create atmospheric portrayals of fantasy and realism. This is a reflection of the natural, impulsive, carefree individual that she is. Sadè’s art is limitless, her vision is towards new and unique creations.

At Paradise Rentals we want to give you opportunity to enjoy her work – take a look at the short video.

As a young child, growing up she always showed an artistic leaning. She cites her major influence as her father. In their spare time together they would draw and his paintings were displayed in her childhood home.  From then on, art became an important part of her life, a passion and a hobby.

Today Sadè’s paintings exemplify breathtaking land and seascapes, easily combining both real life and fantasy. The beach is her favourite theme, because she finds it provides a sense of freedom and an escape from the world. This has led to many creations exploring the tranquility and sheer beauty of life in the ocean.  While “Speed” painted in 2016 conjures up the magnificence of a dark horse against a fiery background.

Canvas is her medium of choice. The textures allow layering and even allow mistakes to be turned into a new masterpiece! For Sadè, her art is multi-sensory experience. The sound of the brushes or palette knives bouncing against the canvas creates a noise that is both harsh yet delicate. Each stroke reminds her of the movement and sound of the ocean.

Sadè considers herself to be a self taught artist with her own style, however she does hold an Associate Degree in Fine Arts from Barbados Community College (achieved in 2015).

Sadè’s work is available to purchase, either originals or prints. She is also available for private commissions.

To get in touch just send Sadè an email

While on holiday why not consider supporting a local Barbadian artist?  Take home a real piece of Barbados!

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