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Posted on October 19, 2016
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Want restaurant quality food, but do not want to step out of the holiday house? Check out this Sushi To Go Barbados Menu.

Sushi To Go Barbados Menu

  • Effective November 4, 2013
  • Email Paradise Rentals to place your order.
  • Delivery charge is dependent upon your location.


  • Seaweed $12.00
  • Cucumber $ 6.00
  • Crab $12.00
  • Edamame $ 8.00


  • Hamachi $7.00/slice
  • Tuna $6.00/slice
  • Salmon $6.00/slice
  • Unagi $7.00/slice


All rolls have the rice on the outside with sesame seeds unless otherwise indicated

  • Alaska $20.00 (salmon, avocado)
  • Atlantic $20.00 (salmon, asparagus, cream cheese)
  • Boston $20.00 (shrimp, imitation crab, lettuce, mayonnaise)
  • California $20.00 (imitation crab, avocado or asparagus, mayonnaise)
  • Candy Cane $22.00 (inside: imitation crab, mayonnaise, chives; outside: tuna, red snapper)
  • Carib $20.00 (imitation crab, mango, chives)
  • Crab $20.00 (imitation crab, sprouts or lettuce, lime mayonnaise, chives)
  • Cucumber $18.00 (cucumber)
  • Dragon $22.00 (inside: bbq eel, cream cheese, unagi sauce; outside: avocado)
  • Geisha $20.00 (shrimp, asparagus, mayonnaise)
  • Green Hornet $22.00 (inside: salmon, cream cheese o outside: green (wasabi flavoured) tobiko, black sesame seeds)
  • Hamachi $20.00 (yellowtail, chives)
  • Inferno $22.00 (inside: imitation crab, lettuce, spicy mayonnaise, chives; outside: tuna, black sesame seeds)
  • Mango $18.00 (mango, chives)
  • Mango Tango $20.00 (shrimp, mango, wasabi mayonnaise, chives)
  • Pickled Daikon $18.00 (pickled daikon, asparagus, cucumber)
  • Pink Dragon $22.00 (inside: shrimp, lettuce, wasabi mayonnaise; outside: imitation crab, mayonnaise, chives)
  • Rainbow $22.00 (inside: tuna, spicy mayonnaise, chives; outside: tuna, red snapper,
    salmon, avocado)
  • Red Pepper $18.00 (red pepper, cream cheese)
  • Red Pepper & Asparagus $18.00 (red pepper, asparagus, cream cheese)
  • Red Snapper $20.00 (red snapper, chives)
  • Samurai $22.00 (inside: imitation crab, mayonnaise, chives; outside: salmon, avocado)
  • Smoked Salmon $20.00  (smoked salmon, cucumber)
  • Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese $20.00 (smoked salmon, cream cheese)
  • Spicy Cucumber $18.00 (cucumber, spicy mayonnaise, chives)
  • Spicy Hamachi $20.00 (hamachi, spicy mayonnaise, chives)
  • Spicy Salmon $20.00 (salmon, spicy mayonnaise, chives)
  • Spicy Shrimp $20.00  (shrimp, lettuce, spicy mayonnaise, chives)
  • Spicy Tuna $20.00 (tuna, spicy mayonnaise, chives)
  • Sunshine $18.00 (sundried tomato, cream cheese, cucumber)
  • Twin Salmon $22.00 (inside: salmon, avocado, cucumbers; outside: smoked salmon, sesame seeds)
  • Unagi $20.00 (bbq eel, cucumber, unagi sauce)
  • Unagi with Avocado $20.00 (bbq eel, avocado, unagi sauce)
  • Unagi with Cream Cheese $20.00 (bbq eel, cream cheese, unagi sauce)
  • Vegetarian $18.00 (avocado or asparagus, cucumber)

‘Prices are correct at the time of posting (19th Oct 2016) – please confirm when you place orders’.

Feel free to download this menu in PDF format: Sushi To Go Menu

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