Barbados Villa With Pool – Head For The Beach

Posted on November 24, 2012
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Even though many of our visitors choose to stay in a Barbados villa with pool, it is still great to head for the beach, feel the warm sand beneath your feet, smell the ocean and taste the salt !  Barbados has over 70 miles of palm fringed, white sandy beaches just waiting to be explored.  A day on the beach will leave you refreshed and relaxed, sun-kissed and renewed.  Walk along the shore collecting shells and pebbles, paddle in the crystal clear waters or get a bit more energetic and go waterskiing or snorkelling.  Whatever activity you choose, Barbados beach life is something special.

Our beaches are diverse and fascinating as is Barbados itself.  Of course it is only sensible to take adequate safety precautions when near the sea. Pay attention to the flags indicating the weather conditions and swimming regulations.  Don’t swim whilst under the influence of intoxicants or after a heavy meal.  Bearing all of that in mind, the beaches in Barbados are a veritable playground for everyone.

The Caribbean Sea on the west coast is generally calm and perfect for watersports such as skiing and jet skiing.  Great for families, young and old alike can enjoy the water.  There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the wonderful healing salty sea, rich in minerals and nutrients.  You don’t have to be a top class swimmer to enjoy the west coast beaches, with the gentle waves lapping on the shore.

If you can bear to leave the comfort of your Barbados villa with pool, you should venture to the east coast.  The east coast is much more dramatic and rustic.  Here the crashing rollers of the Atlantic Ocean hit the rocks and shore.  Not recommended for swimming, these beaches are a geologists dream with amazing rock formations.  The east coast is famous for surfing with competitions throughout the year.  A rugged coastline and beautiful to walk along, it should not be missed out of your Barbados holiday.

The sea on the northern coast of Barbados is also choppy, and it is dangerous to swim in open waters.  The scenery on this side of the island is something to behold. The panoramic views and amazing landscape make the north coast the perfect spot for a beach picnic or some afternoon sightseeing with, rugged cliffs overlooking the ocean, and beach caves perfect for exploring.

If you choose to visit the south coast, where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet, you’ll find the water is choppier than the west coast but there are a series of calm bays, which are generally safe for swimming.  Wind surfing and kite surfing often take place here.  You will find that the majority of south coast beaches are fully equipped with amenities such as toilets, showers, food & drink outlets, and some stalls selling souvenir items as well as beach chairs and umbrellas to rent.

So come and visit us and enjoy staying in a Barbados villa with pool, but make sure you visit the shoreline for your daily dose of sea and sand and nature.  Barbados has a beach for everyone !