Barbados Wedding Villa Rentals and Wedding Services

Posted on August 25, 2013
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Planning the big day, that very special day, that spectacular ‘wedding of a lifetime’? Then nothing could be more perfect than getting married in Barbados, a Caribbean heaven of sunshine, warm turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. I’m Karen Whittaker, the Owner and Director of Paradise Rentals, we specialise in superior holiday/vacation rentals on the elite West Coast in the parishes of St. James and St. Peter. We offer luxurious Barbados wedding villa rentals with swimming pools and ocean views, impeccable accommodation, private and romantic – an idyllic start to a future of true love and happiness.

Rent one of our stunning villas as the ceremony venue, for the after party celebrations and/or for that magical Barbados honeymoon. We can suggest a special villa, especially to suit your requirements for the dream day.

Barbados is renowned for its warm and welcoming hospitality and its laid back attitude. It’s an ideal setting for newlyweds looking for true romance in a relaxing and beautiful setting. Explore and enjoy the essence of tranquillity with a blend of breathtaking, exotic, natural beauty. With love in your hearts and with so many dreams and aspirations to look forward to, there is no better destination to begin that enchanting journey than Barbados.

At Paradise Rentals we offer so much more than wedding villa rentals. We also offer the complete wedding package with professional wedding planners. We guarantee to make those dreamlike fantasies into a reality. We know how important this day is for you and your loved ones and we take the responsibility very seriously. It’s our duty, and our pleasure, to make your wedding day everything you could ever have imagined and more. Whatever you want, we can make it happen. From the perfect beach wedding, a reading of your own vows, a private garden ceremony – we can even provide witnesses if required! Music and magic with an amazing sunset for the photos – it’s all here.

First-rate wedding planning and a wide selection of beautiful Barbados wedding villa rentals; indulge in extravagance and create those forever memories – contact us today. With an impressive portfolio of happy clients, you can trust Paradise Rentals with your dream wedding. We look forward to hearing from you.