Beach Club Membership at Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel

Posted on June 25, 2016
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Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel – Beach Club Membership

Many of our Paradise holiday rentals include complimentary beach membership at the luxurious Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel, on the prestigious West Coast of Barbados. The exclusive membership entitles you to full use of the beach amenities;  the sun beds, umbrellas, shower, changing room and toilets, plus rental of the water sports equipment is available. With hotel access, you can also enjoy the facilities, bar and restaurant too.  Water sports and refreshments are not complimentary and payment is made directly to The Fairmont Royal Pavilion at the time of purchase. However, you are entitled to 10% discount on food and beverages.

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The entrance to The Beach Club is via the hotel entrance.

There is plenty of parking available for Beach Club Members.

Fairmont Royal Pavilion Entrance

The Fairmont Royal Pavilion Beach is one of the best in Barbados.

You can enjoy all water sports here.  An example of prices (current at time of publishing) is as follows:

Jet Ski: US$75 for 30 minutes

Paddle Boards: US$18 for 1 hour

Hobie Cat: US$75 for 1 hour

Water Skiing: US$50 for 15 minutes

Toys (banana, donuts etc): US$30 for 15 minutes

The official terms and conditions of use of the Beach Membership are as follows:

Facilities supplied by Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel:

  1. Access to the Fairmont Royal Pavilion South Beach area (at the water-sports area) via main entrance;
  1. Access to parking, restrooms/changing room, toilet facilities and the terrace equipped with outdoor furniture adjoining the Water Sports area, plus and an outdoor shower at the South Beach area;
  1. 32 chairs and 16 beach umbrellas in total will be available for the exclusive use of all fee-paying members and their guest on a space available basis;
  1. At a minimum, Access to Food & Beverage services via ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL’s Room Service Department at the South Beach area. A telephone will be made available to contact room service for food and drinks. Note the consumption of non ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL provided food and beverages will only be permitted with prior agreement by ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL Management, which permission shall be applied for on each occasion.
  1. Access to Cafe Taboras Restaurant and Palm Terrace subject to availability.
  1. Rental of ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL’s water sports equipment, when not utilised or reserved by the resort’s in-house guests, will be available to members on a space available basis only for fees specified within the schedule.
  1. ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL may, at its sole discretion, extend food incentives, discounts, or specials from time to time to members.

Conduct & Behaviour:

  1. All conduct by members and their guests and all activities on the beach must be in accordance with the statutes of the Laws of Barbados and the National Conservation Commission (herein after referred to as NCC) Act Cap. 393 of the Laws of Barbados.
  1. The purpose of the agreement is to allow all fee paying members of usage of the ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL South Beach facilities described in clause 4 (the “Facilities”). This agreement is limited to these Facilities. The fee does NOT allow use of the resort’s pool and beach chairs, other areas of the beach, the fitness facilities, or other areas of the resort.
  1. In total for all members, there shall be 32 beach chairs and 16 umbrellas that will on a space available only basis for fee-paying members and their guests. ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL and its personnel are not responsible for managing the use of these chairs and equipment, beyond making sure they are available to members.
  1. Respect for the privacy and comfort of ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL’s room guests is paramount.
  1. ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL is a quiet – zone resort: No radio playing, loud noise, or disruptive behaviour is allowed.
  1. Children must be on best behaviour and under parental supervision at all times
  1. Chair use is limited only to members and registered members of their household.
  1. Dress code and other resort policies will apply;
  1. Damage to or loss of ROYAL PAVILION HOTEL property found to be the result of negligence or misuse by a member or his/her guests or household members shall be the responsibility of the principal member.


It should be noted there is no Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel lifeguard on duty, swimming or use of water sports equipment is unsupervised and swimming or other water related activity is strictly done at your own risk.

The member shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel, its affiliates, directors, officers, management, employees and agents harmless from any and all injury, death, loss, liability, claims, suits, demands, or legal proceedings (“Claims”) by whomsoever brought or alleged, in any way relating to a breach of this agreement by the member or to an intentional or negligent act or omission by the member or any of its household members or guests, and the member shall indemnify Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel, its affiliates, directors, officers, management, employees any such Claims.

Please take care of the Beach Membership Cards. There is a charge of US$100 per card if lost or defaced or made unusable.

Take advantage of this amazing free “beach membership” offer and book one of our great rental options.  Contact Karen for further information and availability. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our extensive portfolio of properties.